Affiliate agreement

Below you’ll find the agreement between you (a partner/affiliate) and Kiddans. Under these conditions you’ll earn 20% of each sale(subject to change) when promoting Kiddans via the Partners Program.

The Parties Involved

This agreement covers the relationship between Kiddans (We, us) and you (a partner). It covers the Kiddans Partners Program and you, a partner. It lays out the parameters for the program, in which you promote Kiddans, make a sale, and receive 20% commission of that sale.

The Terms

The terms start as soon as you sign up for the Partners Program. It ends when either you or Kiddans terminate the relationship, thus ending your participation in the program. You must agree to the terms of this document to participate in the Partners Program. Your participation in the program can end in one of two ways, either we end it or you end it. No cause is needed. Either party can end the relationship at any time without any penalty, although a written notice of termination must be given to sever your participation in the program. If the relationship ends, you are still eligible for your commissions you earned during your participation in the program, as long as they are not fraudulently earned, violate this agreement or our terms of use.

Your Partners ID

Once you sign up for the Partners Program, you are given a unique numeric ID to both identify you as a participant and track any and all referrals and commissions you generate.

In order to track all your Partners Program sales, we give you your own URL to use for promotion. Your URL contains your unique numeric ID.


In order to track customer orders, especially given the nature of our software, we must put a cookie on a customer’s hard drive. This cookie contains your unique Partners ID so we can identify you if they sign up for a free plan. This cookie lasts 90 days. This amount of time gives the customer ample time to make a purchase.


Make sure you complete your Paypal email address information in your partner profile. Otherwise, our accounting team will not be able to process any payments.

Commissions are paid out to partners every month if they have reached over £10.00. These payments are sent on or around the 15th of each month. If your commissions have not reached £10 for that month, they will be carried over to the next month until you reach £10 or more.

There is no limit to how much a Kiddans Affiliate Partner can accrue

Changes to this Agreement

We at Kiddans reserve the right to change/adjust this agreement at any time. If we do make changes to this agreement, we will post them here in the adjusted agreement, but not necessarily on the main Website. An email will also be sent out. Some adjustments/changes may include the rate of commission, program rules, payment of fees, scheduling of payments, etc. If for some reason you disagree with the changes we’ve made, you have every right to terminate this agreement in writing with no consequence to you.